Curbside pickup is a shopping service that allows customers to order items online and then pick them up at a designated time from the store’s parking.

This service is gaining rapid popularity as it offers customers a convenient way to shop without having to leave their car. Plus, it’s perfect for those who don’t have time to wait in line or for those who want to avoid crowds. 

Being one of the largest membership-only warehouse clubs in the United States, Sam’s Club is known for its wide selection of groceries, electronics, and more at low prices. So, it’s no surprise that many people are wondering if Sam’s Club offers curbside pickup.

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Does Sam’s Club Have Curbside Pickup?

YES, Sam’s Club does offer curbside pickup at their all locations! To use this service, customers will need to create an account on Sam’s Club’s website Or App and then add items to their shopping cart. Once the order is placed, customers can choose a pickup time that is convenient for them.

Does Sam’s Club Have Curbside Pickup

When their order is ready, customers will receive an email or text notification and then they can head to the store to pick up their items. All they need to do is to park in a designated spot and call the number on the sign to let employees know they’re there. An employee will then bring out the order and load it into the customer’s car.

This service is available during store hours, which vary by location.

What Is Curbside Pickup?

Curbside pickup is a contactless way to pick up your purchases from a local store. Instead of coming inside the store, you’ll let the staff know you’re there via an app or phone call, and they’ll bring your purchase(s) out to you. 

How Does Curbside Pickup Work? 

The process of ordering and picking up your purchase(s) will vary depending on the store you’re patronizing. However, most stores will require you to place your order online or over the phone before coming to pick it up. This helps them minimize contact and keep things running smoothly. 

When you arrive at the store, you’ll let them know you’re there via an app or phone call, and then someone will bring your purchase(s) out to you – no need to go inside the store! 

Is Curbside Pickup Safe? 

Yes! Curbside pickup is a safe and convenient way to get your hands on the items you need without coming into contact with anyone else. 

Plus, many stores are taking extra precautions to ensure that all orders are safe and sanitary. For example, some stores may ask that you open your trunk so they can place your order inside, while others may disinfect your purchase before handing it over. 

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Benefits of Curbside Pickup 

There are plenty of reasons to take advantage of curbside pickup, especially during the current climate. Some of the benefits of curbside pickup include: 

  • You can avoid contact with others 
  • It’s a convenient way to shop 
  • You don’t have to carry your purchases around with you 
  • It’s often faster than shopping inside the store 
  • Some stores offer discounts for those who use curbside pickup 

Drawbacks of Curbside Pickup 

Of course, no shopping method is perfect. Some of the potential drawbacks of curbside pickup include: 

  • It’s not available at all stores 
  • You’ll need access to a car 
  • You may have to wait a bit for your order to be ready 
  • Not all items are available for curbside pickup 

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Can Someone Else Pick Up My Sam’s Club Order?

You can nominate someone else to pick up your Sam’s Club order for you. When placing your order, just enter the name, email, and phone number of the person you’d like to assign to pick up your purchase.

The person you’ve nominated will need to bring their ID when they go to pick up the order.

How Long Does Sam’s Club Keep Your Pickup Order?

If you’re not able to pick up your order within 24 hours of placing it, Sam’s Club will cancel the order and refund your payment.

To avoid this, make sure to pick up your order as soon as you receive the notification that it’s ready. You can always call customer service if you need to extend your pickup time for any reason.

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Pickup Tips 

Here are a few tips to make your curbside pickup experience as smooth as possible: 

  • Plan ahead: It can take a few hours for your order to be ready, so plan accordingly. 
  • Check the weather: If it’s raining or snowing, you may want to opt for delivery instead. 
  • Have your ID ready: You’ll need to show your ID when picking up your order. 
  • Communicate with the staff: If you have any special instructions for your order, be sure to let the staff know. 


Sam’s Club has a curbside pickup option that lets customers pick up their orders without having to go into the store. This contactless pickup method is safe and convenient, and it’s available during store hours.