You’ve sent a package, paid the necessary fees, and then bam! Another charge from UPS hits your bank account. The query “Why does UPS keep charging me?” might be at the forefront of your mind. This guide will help you decipher why you’re seeing those charges, what they might mean, and how to navigate the billing process with UPS.

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Why Does UPS Keep Charging Me? An Overview

UPS may charge you for weight/dimension adjustments, address corrections, and additional services. You can overcome this by ensuring accurate package details, using correct addresses, and understanding extra service charges.

Why Does UPS Keep Charging Me

The Basics of UPS Shipping Charges

As a globally recognized shipping company, UPS offers a broad range of services, each coming with its own fee structure. Shipping costs can be influenced by several factors, including package weight, dimensions, shipping speed, and destination. Furthermore, additional services like insurance, delivery confirmation, or customs handling can add to your bill.

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Understanding Adjustments and Additional Charges

Sometimes, the initial shipping fee is not the final cost. Adjustments may be added based on actual package weight, oversize package charges, address corrections, or additional services required after shipping. These unexpected costs might be the reason why UPS keeps charging you.

Digging Deeper into UPS Charges

Weight and Dimensional Adjustments

Your package’s weight and size play a significant role in determining the shipping cost. If the actual weight or dimensions exceed the details you provided during shipment creation, UPS will adjust the charges accordingly. These adjustment charges can be a surprise if you’re not expecting them.

Address Correction Charges

Mistakes happen. If the shipping address you provided is incorrect or incomplete, UPS may impose an address correction fee. This is to cover the additional resources required to correct the address and ensure the package gets to its intended recipient.

Oversize Package Charges

Sending large items? Be aware that UPS applies additional charges for packages that exceed specific dimensions or weight thresholds. If your parcel falls into the “large package” or “over maximum limits” category, you’ll see these charges reflected in your bill.

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Additional Services and Their Charges

Delivery Confirmation and Insurance Charges

In a bid to give you peace of mind, UPS offers services like delivery confirmation and insurance. If you opt for these services, the costs will be added to your bill.

Customs, Duties, and Taxes

International shipping brings with it the potential for extra charges like customs, duties, and taxes, depending on the destination country’s regulations. These charges are often the responsibility of the recipient, but if they’re charged to your UPS account, they will appear on your bill.

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Addressing the “UPS Keeps Charging Me” Conundrum

Reading and Understanding Your UPS Bill

Understanding your UPS bill is the first step towards addressing the “UPS keeps charging me” issue. Your bill will itemize the costs for every package shipped, including any adjustments or additional services.

Querying Unexpected Charges

If you spot charges on your UPS bill that you don’t recognize, don’t hesitate to reach out to UPS customer service. They can explain the charges and assist with any billing disputes.

Avoiding Unexpected Charges

Being meticulous with package details, using correct addresses, and understanding the terms of additional services can help avoid unexpected charges. If you’re shipping internationally, being familiar with the destination country’s customs policies is a must.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why does UPS keep charging me after I’ve already paid for shipping?

It’s likely due to adjustments or additional services related to your shipment. This could include weight or size adjustments, address corrections, or additional services like insurance or customs handling.

2. How can I avoid unexpected UPS charges?

To avoid unexpected charges, ensure you provide accurate package details and shipping addresses. Also, be aware of any additional services you opt for and how they could affect your bill.

3. Can I dispute a charge with UPS?

Yes, you can. If you see an unrecognizable charge on your bill, you should contact UPS customer service to dispute the charge.

4. Does UPS charge for address corrections?

Yes, UPS imposes an address correction fee to cover the cost of resources needed to correct and deliver the package.

5. What happens if I can’t pay the UPS charges?

If you can’t pay, UPS may suspend your account and withhold services until the outstanding balance is paid.

6. Why did UPS charge me for customs, duties, and taxes?

For international shipments, customs, duties, and taxes are often charged. These are typically the responsibility of the recipient, but they can be charged to your account depending on the terms of service you chose.


Unraveling the puzzle of “UPS keeps charging me” can seem daunting at first glance. But with a firm grasp of UPS’s billing process, understanding your charges becomes straightforward. Remember, if in doubt, reach out to UPS customer service. They’re there to help you navigate any billing concerns.