Spartan Capital Securities is a brokerage firm that has caught the public attention for engaging in fraudulent activities. The brokerage firm is accused of fraudulent activities like unsuitable investment recommendations, forgery, churning, and omission of material facts.

Many people have been caught up in the fraud activities of the brokerage firm, leading to significant losses. As a result, the investors are planning a class action lawsuit to get compensated.

Spartan Capital Securities Fraudulent Practices

Spartan Capital Securities is a brokerage firm many individuals have sued for engaging in fraudulent activities that made investors realize huge losses. The various fraudulent practices against the firm include the following:

  1. Forgery

Spartan Capital Securities is reported to have forged account statements, trade confirmations, and other documents that they used to deceive their clients.

  1. Omitting Material Facts

The brokerage firm failed to disclose important information regarding investments to their clients before recommending them to invest.

  1. Churning

Spartan Capital Securities brokers are believed to have excessively traded their clients’ accounts to generate more commission.

  1. Unsuitable Recommendations

It is reported that Spartan Capital Securities gave unsuitable investment recommendations to their clients. The recommendations were unsuitable for individual needs and risk tolerance.

What Legal Action is Being Taken Against Spartan Capital Securities?

Since many people reported about the losses associated with investing in Spartan Capital Securities, a class action lawsuit has been filed against the brokerage firm. The class action lawsuit is a legal procedure in which affected people with similar claims against the defendant can sue the defendant as a group.

A class action lawsuit has been initiated against Spartan Capital Securities by Frankowski Firm, a leading investment fraud law firm representing investors. The law firm is urging all affected individuals to contact the firm to consult and see if they are eligible to join the class action lawsuit.

Is a Class Action Lawsuit Efficient to Seek Justice for Defrauded Investors?

A class action lawsuit is where a group of people come together and sue a defendant when they have similar claims. In this case, Spartan Capital Securities has defrauded many individuals, leading to financial losses.

Therefore, it will be effective for all affected individuals to form a group and try to get justice. A class action lawsuit will be essential for the affected individuals because it offers many advantages, as highlighted below:

  1. There is power in numbers

The class action lawsuit enables many individuals with similar claims to come together and sue a defendant. Therefore, the Spartan Capital Securities victims will have bargaining power, increasing their chances of compensation for their losses.

  1. It is relatively affordable.

A class action lawsuit is relatively cheaper, enabling the victims to reduce their costs of getting justice. Various charges, like attorney’s fees and expert witnesses, are shared by all members, hence reducing costs.

  1. You get Experienced attorneys.

Once you choose a class action lawsuit, you can be guaranteed that you will get an experienced attorney with a proven track record. Thus, with an experienced attorney, the chances of getting compensation are higher.

How Spartan Capital Securities Victims Can Join Class Action Lawsuit

If you have suffered financial losses from investing in Spartan Capital Securities, you can join a class action lawsuit and get justice. Joining the class action lawsuit is easier and requires consulting an experienced investment fraud attorney.

Thus, you can contact your attorney and let him review your case. Once your attorney has reviewed the case, he will advise on the legal options you can follow.

The Role of Frankowski Firm in Spartan Capital Securities Lawsuit

Frankowski Firm is a recognized investment fraud law firm investigating claims against Spartan Capital Securities. The Frankowski firm has a proven track record in recovering compensation for investors who have succumbed to fraud by financial advisors.

If you are one of the Spartan Capital Securities investors and suffered a loss, Frankowski firm welcomes you to start the journey to recover compensation. You can contact the firm and schedule a free consultation.

Frankowski firm takes its time reviewing reported cases and will offer viable legal options. If you are one of the victims, contact the firm, see if you are eligible to join the class action lawsuit, and start recovering your finances.

Important Information Regarding Spartan Capital Securities Class Action Lawsuit

While you are encouraged to enter into the class action lawsuit, you must note that defrauded investors have limited time to join the Spartan Capital Securities class action lawsuit. The deadline to join the class action lawsuit is a year after the lawsuit was filed.

Moreover, investors don’t need to worry about attorney fees because the lawsuit does not require upfront payment of any fees. Attorneys will work on the case based on a contingency fee, meaning you will pay them when they recover compensation for the class members.

Investors can remain anonymous throughout the class action lawsuit if you don’t want to be recognized. If you require more information regarding the Spartan Capital Securities Lawsuit, you are advised to contact an experienced investment fraud attorney.

What is the State of Spartan Capital Securities Lawsuit

The lawsuit against Spartan Capital Securities is still in the early stages. Thus, it is expected to last for several years, during which involved parties will engage in discovery, which involves exchanging information regarding the case.

Once discovery is complete, the parties may try to reach a settlement. If no settlement is reached, the case will go to trial. If you believe Spartan Capital Securities has defrauded you, contact the Frankowski firm and learn how they will help you.


Spartan Capital Securities lawsuit is one of the most complex cases reported. It is believed that the case may take several years to be resolved, but the Frankowski firm is committed to ensuring that victims who suffered losses are compensated. Frankowski firm is in charge of investigating Spartan Capital Securities lawsuit, and it represented the defrauded investors. If you are one of the victims, contact the firm and get a free consultation.