Navigating the landscape of modern retail can feel like steering through a sea of trends. With rapid shifts in consumer behavior, retailers like IKEA have been compelled to keep up with the pace, introducing a myriad of innovative services. Among these, curbside pickup has emerged as a game-changer.

This begs the question – Does IKEA have curbside pickup? As we delve into the heart of this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore this service in depth, addressing all there is to know about IKEA’s curbside pickup. Stay tuned and prepare for a fruitful shopping revelation!

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Does IKEA Have Curbside Pickup?

Yes, IKEA does offer a curbside pickup service! This service was introduced in response to the new normal ushered in by the COVID-19 pandemic. It allows customers to shop online and collect their purchases from their local IKEA store without stepping foot inside, providing a convenient, safe, and time-saving shopping experience.

Does IKEA Have Curbside Pickup

Understanding IKEA’s Curbside Pickup Service

IKEA’s curbside pickup service is straightforward. Customers purchase items through the IKEA website and select the “Click and Collect” option during checkout. The order is prepared at the selected IKEA store, and when it’s ready, the customer receives an email or text notification with instructions for curbside pickup.

The IKEA Curbside Pickup Experience

Once customers arrive at the IKEA store, they follow the signs for the Click and Collect pickup area. From there, an IKEA coworker will bring the order out and load it into the customer’s vehicle, making for a contactless and efficient experience.

The Advantages of IKEA’s Curbside Pickup

So, what are the benefits of IKEA’s curbside pickup service? This service brings several advantages that make shopping more convenient and less time-consuming.

Safety and Convenience

The curbside pickup service ensures a contactless transaction, promoting safety during these pandemic times. Furthermore, it saves customers the hassle of navigating through the expansive IKEA stores, providing a seamless shopping experience.


For those who lead busy lives, IKEA’s curbside pickup service is a godsend. It allows customers to avoid the lines and crowds typically found in IKEA stores, saving them valuable time.

Comparing IKEA’s Curbside Pickup to In-Store Shopping

While IKEA’s curbside pickup service has its advantages, how does it stack up against the traditional in-store shopping experience?

Access to the Full Range

Unlike in-store shopping, curbside pickup doesn’t give customers access to IKEA’s full range of products. Some items, particularly those that are larger or heavier, might not be available for curbside pickup.

Missing the IKEA Shopping Experience

One potential drawback of curbside pickup is missing the iconic IKEA shopping experience. Wandering through IKEA’s well-decorated showrooms, feasting on meatballs at the IKEA restaurant, and finding unique items in the marketplace are part of what makes IKEA special. However, for those prioritizing convenience and safety, curbside pickup might be a more suitable option.

FAQs on IKEA’s Curbside Pickup Service

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about IKEA’s curbside pickup service:

Does IKEA have curbside pickup?

Yes, IKEA does offer a curbside pickup service.

How do I use IKEA’s curbside pickup service?

Simply order online, choose the Click and Collect option, and pick up your order at your selected IKEA store.

Is there a fee for IKEA’s curbside pickup?

IKEA charges a small fee for its curbside pickup service. The fee can vary based on location and order size.

Can all items be purchased through IKEA’s curbside pickup service?

Most items can be purchased through IKEA’s curbside pickup service. However, larger or heavier items may not be available for this service.

How long does IKEA hold curbside pickup orders?

IKEA usually holds curbside pickup orders for a certain period, after which the order may be canceled and refunded.

Can I return items through IKEA’s curbside pickup?

IKEA’s return policy still applies to items purchased through the curbside pickup service. However, you’ll need to follow IKEA’s return procedures, which may not include curbside returns.


To answer our initial question, yes, IKEA does offer curbside pickup. This service, designed to make shopping at IKEA more convenient and safer, is an excellent example of how IKEA continues to evolve and cater to its customers’ needs. So next time you’re planning an IKEA shopping spree, why not give their curbside pickup service a try?