Also known as CIC, Compagnia Italiana Computer is an Italian technology company that has taken the tech industry by a storm. To start with, this company was founded in 1985. Since inception, this company has taken the lead when it comes to innovation and excellence.

As we speak, Compagnia Italiana Computer specializes in an array of tech solutions such as software, hardware and other related services, thus making it to be a go-to option for all your tech needs. Since you have an idea of what Compagnia Italiana Computer is, time is ripe for you know the other finer details about this company. Read on in order to know more!

Brief history

Just like any other conventional tech company, Compagnia Italiana Computer started from a humble beginnings. To put this into perspective, it started as a small firm in Italy in the early 1980s.

As we speak, it has become a global leader when it comes to the world of technology. Currently, it is an industry leader in offering cutting-edge tech solutions to businesses all over the world. This by itself is a clear indication that this company’s visionary engineers were dedicated and focused from the word go.

The Founding Team

Compagnia Italiana Computer was founded by 3 visionary engineers. These are; Maria Rossi, Carlo Bianchi and Paolo Moretti. Since these experts were knowledgeable in both software and hardware components, they were able to lay a solid foundation for what has become a global powerhouse. Their relentless efforts towards excellence and innovation has made this company to become successful from the onset.

The Core Values

There are certain core values that influence how this company does its operations. In fact, these core values are responsible for its remarkable success over the years. Some of these core values include:

Prioritizing excellence in every undertaking

Thriving on innovation

Upholding high standards of integrity.

Products and Services

Like we have mentioned above, this company mainly offers tech solutions to different businesses out there. Whether you need a software or a hardware that can make your business operations easier, trust that this company will be ready to actualize your idea.

Thankfully, all the tech solutions are tailor-made to suit your business needs, thereby making it ideal to invest in the products and services offered by Compagnia Italiana Computer.

The Impacts of Compagnia Italiana Computer

It is no secret that the impacts of this company in the tech world cannot be underestimated. This can be attributed to the fact that this company has left many footprints in many areas. Here are some of the areas that have benefited from the tech solution offered by Compagnia Italiana Computer:

Healthcare: One of those area that have benefited from the tech solutions offered by Compagnia Italia Company is the healthcare sector. Here, the innovative health solutions offered by this company has greatly improved patient care services. Also, hospital operations have been streamlined.

Business: Since we are in the digital age, many businesses now rely on modern technology in order to carry out its day to day operations. Thankfully, Compagnia Italiana Computer does not disappoint when it comes to offering tech solutions to different businesses. Whether your business is a startup or a large one, trust that you will reap all the benefits of this company’s tech services.

Education: Compagnia Italiana Computer’s tech solutions have not only been enjoyed by those in business and healthcare sectors but also, those in the field of education. Here, the services offered by this tech company have transformed the way students undertake their studies in their various learning institutions. Additionally, this technology has played a significant role in shaping the way teachers instruct students in various schools.

Research and Development: The contributions of this company’s tech services have made research and development easier than ever. Consequently, scientists and other researchers are able to discover newer concepts and ideas with utmost precision.

Innovations in Artificial Intelligence: We are now in the era of Artificial Intelligence. Luckily, Compagnia Italiana Computer has put its best foot forward when it comes to such innovations of the future. With AI in place, businesses are not only efficient and smarter in their operations but also future-oriented.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Unlike other companies, Compagnia Italiana Computer does not take its CSR as a joke. Besides offering tech solutions to various sectors, it focusses its energies in conserving the environment and also giving back to the community.

Job Creation and Economic Growth: By offering cutting-edge tech solutions to all its clients, this company has contributed to job creation in Italy and beyond. Since this company is still expanding its operations, it has also led to economic growth of Italy as well.

Innovation: The services offered by Compagnia Italiana Computer has not only the revolutionized the tech industry but also offered insights to professionals who specialize in IT. Since this company has continued to push technology beyond its limits, it is true to say that that this has fostered collaboration, creativity and technological advancements within Italy and its borders.


What industries does Compagnia Italiana Computer serve?

This company mainly offers its tech services to a number of industries such as healthcare, business, education, manufacturing, finance and so much more. Since their services are tailor-made to suit the needs of its clients, it has become a valuable partner for different customers out there.

Can small businesses enjoy the services of Compagnia Italiana Computer?

Yes. The tech services offered by this company is not only a preserve of large businesses but also startups. Consequently, you can trust that you will be able to enjoy scalable solutions that will enable your business to grow to exponential levels.

Are their products environmentally friendly?

Yes. This company focusses more on offering environmental friendly products. From the product design to their manufacturing, this company adheres to eco-friendly practices throughout the entire process. As a result, it is able to reduce the carbon footprint in the long run.


From the article above, it is crystal clear that Compagnia Italiana Computer has emerged as an industry leader in the world of technology. Unlike typical tech companies, this one blends excellence with integrity. Since the company is led by visionary leaders at its apex, trust that you will get high quality tech services. Whether you are in business world or are a teacher, trust that this company’s tech services will suit your needs. Consider the tech services offered by Compagnia Italiana Computer today and you will get value for your hard-earned money.