Have you been an ardent follower of the new mystery series, ‘Cat In the Chrysalis’ and would like to know how it ends? Well, you have come to the right place. To start with, it is no secret that that there has been a lot of suspense that has been building throughout the season. Additionally, most people who have watched this series for quite some time have had a myriad of questions.

From who killed Thomas to whether Detective Callie will confess her feelings for Jake, there is a lot that you would be curious to know. Thankfully, we shall cover all those facets and so much more. Therefore, grab a glass of juice, get comfortable and let’s dive in!

Cat in the Chrysalis: The Story So Far

Cat has undergone a number of changes in the recent past. To put this into perspective, the cute little animal that you used to know and love has started to act strange. Some of these strange behavior include:

  • Meowing at odd hours
  • Scoffing at furniture in the house
  • Running outside.

Due to these changes, you are prompted to visit a vet in order to diagonise this unbecoming behavior. To your shock and dismay, you are told that the Cat is undergoing puberty and will soon become an adult.

As your Cat’s body develops into an adult feline, its hormones start to rage, thereby making it to have funny behavior while at home. From becoming restless to excessive meowing, there are many signs that indicates that your cat’s mind and body is maturing gradually.

To fix those issues, the cat has to be sprayed or neutered within the shortest time possible. This will not only help solve the behavioral issues but also make your cat lead a healthier life. As this goes on, you need to be patient with it and show it unlimited affection.

Additionally, make your house hard to escape. Remember that Cat’s chrysalis may be a little bit chaotic. However, if you show it care and affection, trust that your Cat will be the best pet you have ever possessed in the past. Therefore, be calm and collected as you watch your Cat transition into adulthood.

The Big Twist and Spoilers Explained-Cat in the Chrysalis Spoiler

Suppose you are curious to know the major spoilers in this series, worry not as you have come at the right place. This popular thriller is packed with surprises, twists and spoilers that will leave you mesmerized. However, before we unravel the various twists and spoilers, it is imperative that you know the truth about the cat. Continue reading to know more!

The Truth about Cat

At first, Cat looks like a typical feline companion robot. This can be seen from the way she guides Jenny, who is her owner through a difficult phase of her life. Here, Cat offers the much-needed empathy, wisdom, and humor, thereby making her to be Jenny’s closes friend and confidant.

However, the reality of issues is that Cat is not who she really seems to be. Interestingly, Jenny’s parent created her in order to manipulate the emotions of Jenny. She was also tasked with the responsibility of monitoring Jenny’s mental health following the family tragedy incidence. Since Cat has be caring, she has a close bond with Jenny and was thus able to serve its purpose from the onset.

What remains unknown is the motivation behind the Cat’s caring behavior. Also, her relationship with Jenny raises eyebrows. Most people ask whether Cat truly cared for Jenny or was just playing to the gallery of Jenny’s parents.

Well, this series leaves many followers with more questions than answers as most of them still wonder if Cat was truly an emotional animal or not. Additionally, many wonder whether Cat will remain a puppet of Jenny’s parents or not.

Biggest Plot Twist: The Cat can talk!

As you read through this book, you will come note that the Cat named Chrysalis was engineered genetically to be an intelligent animal. To put this into perspective, she is capable of talking with Jenny, who is not only a protagonist but also a lonely scientist reading in a space station.

Another spoiler: Jenny’s love interest is fake

Jenny starts having a romantic relationship with Mark. Remember that Mark is a new crew member. Unknown to Jenny, Mark has been manipulating her following the orders from the evil company that created Chrysalis. Eventually, Mark betrayal spoils the soup as Jenny has to outsmart him and his lieutenants in a bid to protect Chrysalis.

What happens to Chrysalis?

After averting Mark’s evil plans, Jenny discovers that Chrysalis will no longer be safe as long as Mark and his henchmen are hunting her. In this case, Jenny opts to help Chrysalis to fake her own death and then sends her to space so that she can live peacefully and freely. Although they had to part ways, their bond was still strong and there is hope for them to live together in the near future.

Fan Theories about the Cat’s True Identity

Since the show was first aired, here are some interesting or fan theories about the Cat’s identity:

The Cat is a shapeshifter: Unlike other animals, the Cat has the ability to change her form anytime she pleases. This explains why she used to disappear and then reappear at will. Other times, she could be at the two different places at the same time. Since she can fit into different characters, she can readily transform to anything in a bid to suit her needs.

The Cat represents the viewer: The Cat symbolizes the viewer in that she only appear when the character is all alone. This is how ordinary people like knowing what goes on in the private lives of other people. If this meta theory is anything to go by, then the Cat may never be revealed as it is not an actual character per sebum rather a narrative device.

The Cat is a spirit: Some fans believe the Cat is a spirit. Here, her role is enable different characters navigate difficult phases of life until they reach their destiny. From offering advice to being a source of comfort in times of turmoil, there are many ways the Cat has become a shoulder to lean on for those who might be undergoing difficult times in their lives.

How does the ending set up a Sequel in Cat in the Chrysalis Spoiler?

It is imperative to note that at the ending of this series sets up for a sequel. Once Jenny offers to sacrifice herself to outsmart evil Queen Xenia, the question that lingers in your mind is what happens in the next world. Here is what is bound to happen:

A new enemy emerges: In the final chapters of this series, there are indications that there is a fresh danger that is about to terrorize the country. After many years of being banished, the evil magician Morlock has been gaining strength so that he can start his retaliatory attacks. If his warning to Azantrians is anything to go by, trust he is more lethal than Xenia. In the future sequel, Morlock is expected to be main villain.

Unsolved storylines: There are several storylines that are yet to be explored. Since they have been left open-ended, they are likely to be dissected in a follow-up book. For instance, will Jenny ever reunite with her friends? What are the challenges that Emily, Callie and Luca encounter as young leaders of Azantria? What happened to Xenia’s enigmatic daughter who sore to revenge on her mom’s death?

Familiar but changed world: One day, a sequel might revisit the Azantria’s enchanted realm in a follow-up, thereby manifesting the changes that came as a result of new leadership in place. Since the threat of Xenia will be no more, life might resume normalcy. However, Morlock’s wrath might cause potential disruption in the near future. We have barely scratched the surface. There are tons of tales to be narrated in Azantria.


By now, you have an idea of what happened to the Cat in the Chrysalis. Honestly speaking, this is an interesting series. Before you think that you have figured out everything right, some new twist comes along the way, thereby leaving you with more questions than answers. Since you will be kept on your toes throughout this series, trust that you will find this mystery interesting to read. Although the ending was bittersweet, there was closure. Finally, the Cat came out changed but was largely safe. If you are looking for a captivating novel to read, consider going for the Cat in the Chrysalis Spoiler today.