During the COVID-19 era, many people came to appreciate the benefits of having a diverse platform for sharing live events and networking. Because of the need for an effective platform for connecting and sharing knowledge, Tanzohub was developed, and a beta prototype was released in 2020.

Tanzohub has proved to be one of the best platforms for revolutionizing live events, performances, and collaborations. The platform can be accessed as a website or an application installed on your mobile phone, enabling you to connect with people without much.

A Better Understanding of Tanzohub

Tanzohub is a trending platform that has made live events and performances more natural, although they happen virtually. Many professionals can use the platform to hold live events and share knowledge easily through the numerous features that support the functionality.

In the past, live events and performances have been dormant and unreal. However, Tanzohub makes it possible to have a lively feeling. This is possible because the smartphone camera captures the attendees, transforming them into animated avatars and displaying them on a larger screen.

The display of avatars connects all parties involved, forming a bridge between the remote participants and performers. The creation of the virtual space has transformed live events, making them more effective.

In 2018, the Tanzohub company released the beta prototype. The platform was tested and restricted to partners before being rolled out in the third quarter of 2020. The service is useful; anyone can open a self-service and enjoy its features.

The Tanzohub community has worked hard to ensure the platform goes above and beyond to satisfy the users’ needs. Because of their unmatched effort, Tanzohub has hosted over 250,000 people in events, showing the popularity of the platform.

Features of Tanzohub

  1. Active Participation

Tanzohub has ensured that events become lively and fun by ensuring that the performers and attendees have a free interaction space. Tanzohub uses cameras to capture attendees and transform them into avatars. This makes the event lively, boosting the energy and making it more fun.

  1. Calendar Availability

Tanzohub has a calendar that helps users get ahead of schedule, plan, and get notified of their plans on time. Moreover, the calendar automatically syncs with other activities on Tanzohub.

  1. Communication

Tanzohub has put various forms of communication in place. Users can chat one-on-one or join communities and share information. Thus, Tanzohub is a perfect platform to share knowledge and connect people cheaply and effectively.

  1. Analytic Tool

Tanzohub has analytics and reporting capabilities allow users to evaluate performance, get useful insights, and act accordingly. Therefore, if you are looking for a data-driven strategy, Tanzohub is the perfect tool to give you more power, enabling you to make informed decisions.

  1. Security

Tanzohub recognizes the benefits of security for its platform. That is why it has gone the extra mile, ensuring it has put industry-standard encryption and other privacy measures in place for maximum protection. Thus, Tanzohub assures that your privacy is highly valued, ensuring you enjoy the platform thoroughly without worries.

  1. Multiplatform compatibility

Tanzohub is a cross-platform application that ensures users of various devices can enjoy its services without a hassle. Smartphones of various platforms, from large displays to large displays, can utilize the platform, ensuring everybody is covered.

Benefits of Using Tanzohub

  1. It Allows Usage with Third-Party Apps

Tanzohub has ensured seamless without many third-party applications. Thus, users can use the platform and other applications to enhance their experience. Moreover, you can integrate the platform with others to share digital resources.

  1. Easy Management

Tanzohub has emerged as a leading platform offering a one-stop shop for managing documents. This means you can save, sort, or retrieve documents within seconds. This capability has ensured that document-related procedures are streamlined, making it ideal.

  1. It Enhances Collaboration

Tanzohub has made collaboration so easy because of the availability of accessible communication and integration with other platforms. Moreover, efficient document management has made collaboration work because team members can easily create, share, and keep files.

  1. Tanzohub is highly Engaging.

While traditional platforms for live events have been dormant, Tanzohub has ensured they restore a lively environment with boosted energy. This is made possible by offering avatars that allow all parties involved to connect like it is real. Moreover, the platform offers rewards like badges and leaderboards, encouraging more people to engage actively.


The innovative approach that Tanzohub has taken has distinguished it from many global platforms. The platform has ensured it takes an innovative approach, enabling it to attract more users and keep them engaged. If you wish to elevate your live events and have a vibrant audience, Tanzohub offers all the features to make your event successful. Read this post, discover its key features and benefits, and understand it better!