Aldi is a popular supermarket chain known for its affordable prices and high-quality products. Many people rely on Aldi for their grocery needs, and it’s important to know the store’s operating hours, especially on holidays. In this article, we will explore whether Aldi is open on July 4th, a significant holiday in the United States.

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Is Aldi Open on July 4th?

Yes, Aldi stores are typically open on July 4th, unless it falls on a day when the store is regularly closed. However, it’s essential to note that store hours have been decreased. Aldi’s Facebook official page confirmed that Aldi’s stores will be open from 9 AM TO 4 PM on July 4th.

Is Aldi Open on July 4th

Common Days when Aldi Stores are Closed

While Aldi stores strive to provide convenience and accessibility, there are a few occasions when they may close their doors. The following are some common days when Aldi stores may be closed:

  1. Easter Sunday: Aldi stores are typically closed on Easter Sunday, allowing employees to spend time with their families and observe the holiday.
  2. Thanksgiving Day: Aldi observes Thanksgiving Day as a time for employees to enjoy the holiday with their loved ones. Consequently, Aldi stores are closed on Thanksgiving Day.
  3. Christmas Day: As Christmas is a widely celebrated holiday, Aldi stores are closed on December 25th, allowing their employees to partake in the festivities.
  4. New Year’s Day: On January 1st, Aldi stores are typically closed to commemorate the New Year.

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Q1: Are all Aldi stores open on July 4th?

Yes, most Aldi stores are open on July 4th, but it’s best to check with your local store for specific hours.

Q2: Will Aldi have reduced hours on July 4th?

Yes, Aldi may have reduced hours on July 4th. It’s recommended to verify the store hours with your nearest Aldi location.

Q3: Can I find updated information about Aldi’s holiday hours online?

Yes, you can visit Aldi’s official website or use their store locator tool to find information about the operating hours of your local store on July 4th.

Q4: Does Aldi offer any special promotions or deals on July 4th?

While Aldi is known for its everyday low prices, they may occasionally have special promotions or deals around holidays. Keep an eye out for any announcements or advertisements leading up to July 4th.

Q5: Are there any other holidays when Aldi may have altered operating hours?

Yes, Aldi may have adjusted hours on other holidays as well. It’s advisable to check their website or contact your local store to stay updated on holiday hours throughout the year.

Q6: Can I shop at Aldi online on July 4th?

Aldi currently does not offer online shopping in all areas. However, they are gradually expanding their online shopping services. It’s recommended to visit their website to see if online shopping is available in your region.


On July 4th, Aldi stores are generally open for business, providing customers with the opportunity to shop for their grocery needs. However, it’s crucial to be aware that store hours may vary depending on the specific location. It’s advisable to check with your local Aldi store or visit their official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their operating hours on July 4th. Enjoy your holiday and happy shopping at Aldi!