If you’re looking to buy or sell on GOAT, you might be wondering about the verification process. How long does it take for GOAT to verify a listing? 

GOAT is a popular marketplace for sneakers and streetwear, so it’s important to understand the verification process before buying or selling. Keep reading to learn more about how long GOAT takes to verify listings.

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How Long Does GOAT Take To Verify?

The verification process for GOAT can vary depending on the item being verified. For example, shoes may take up to 24 hours to verify while clothing may take up to 72 hours. The time it takes to verify an item also depends on GOAT’s current verification queue. Generally, GOAT strives to have all items verified within 48 hours.

To help speed up the verification process, be sure to include as many photos and details as possible when creating a listing. The more information GOAT has about an item, the faster they can verify it.

How Long Does GOAT Take To Verify?

Why Is GOAT Taking So Long To Verify My Shoes?

If you’re wondering why your shoes are taking longer to verify, there are a few reasons why this may be the case.

  1. The item is brand new and has never been sold before
  2. The item is from a limited or exclusive release
  3. There are only a few pairs of the item available in the world
  4. The item is extremely rare or valuable

If your shoes meet any of these criteria, it’s likely that GOAT is taking extra time to verify them. This is because GOAT wants to ensure that all listings on its platform are authentic and meet its standards for quality.

where does gOAT verify shoes?

GOAT verifies shoes at their sneaker lab in Orange County, CA. This is where all of the latest and greatest sneakers are analyzed to ensure their authenticity. If you’re curious about the verification process, be sure to check out the sneaker lab’s website for more information.

How does GOAT authenticate shoes?

The GOAT sneaker lab uses a combination of high-tech machines and experienced staff to authenticate shoes. First, the machine scans the shoe for any irregularities. Next, the staff compares the results of the scan to a database of known fake sneakers. Finally, they make a determination based on their expertise and experience.

What happens if my shoes don’t pass verification?

If your shoes don’t pass verification, GOAT will reach out to you to let you know. They may ask for additional photos or information about the item in question. If they are still unable to verify your shoes, they will be returned to you.

Check the video for further detail

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Does GOAT verify on weekends?

GOAT verifies items Monday through Friday. They do not verify items on weekends or holidays.

Final Thoughts

Verifying listings on GOAT can take some time, but it’s important to remember that this process helps keep the community safe and ensures that buyers receive the best possible experience. By being patient and providing as much information as possible, you can help speed up the verification process.