To start with, Garrett Myles Bridges is the son of Llyold Bridges. It is imperative to note that Garrett Myles Bridges father used to be an actor in both television and films. To put this into perspective, he has featured in a myriad of television series and more than 150 American films.

His prowess and versatility has made him become a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. However, all has not been well with Bridge’s family as Garrett Myles Bridges died at a very tender age. In this article, we shall take a closer look at the life of Garrett Myles Bridges, what caused his sudden death, and the legacy that still shine through the siblings he left behind after his demise. Get comfortable, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy your read!

Garrett Myles Bridges Birth

Garrett Myles Bridges was born in June 14, 1998 in Los Angeles, California. It is important to note that he is the 2nd born in a family of 4 siblings. His eldest brother is known as Beau Bridges while the younger one is called Jeff Bridges. Both of them were also actors in the American film and television industry. The other sibling was known as Cindy Bridges.

Garrett Myles Bridges Parents

Garrett Myles Bridges mother is known as Dorothy Bridges. She used be both an American poet and actress. On the other hand, Garrett’s father used to be an actor as well. Just like we mentioned in the introduction, he used to be an actor in both television and film industry. Since Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges were actors, their family became very popular in the United States.

One question that lingers on the minds of many is how this couple met in the first place. Well, Lloyds Bridge met his wife Dorothy Bridges in Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. During this moment, she was acting in a small theatrical play in campus.

On the other hand, Lloyd Bridges was the UCLS upperclassman, and acted as her ‘leading man’ in the production. This couple later tied the knot in 1938 in New York City. After getting married, they prioritized acting and thus had to deepen their skills and also advance their current carriers.

To make this possible, they relocated to New York City where they got trained by an eminent acting professor known as Michael Chekhov. With this training in place, they were able to sharpen their acting skills and thus became better in their respective fields. Once Lloyd was assigned to Columbia pictures, they had to relocated to Hollywood in the early 1940s.That deal was a turning point in their carriers as a couple.

Both of them lived together for 60 years, until 10th March 1998, when Lloyd Bridges passed on at the age of 85 years. His death was attributed to a natural cause. Garrett Myles Bridges mother passed on due to age-related causes on 16th February 2009 in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles. By then, she was 93 years of age.

What led to Garrett Myles Bridges death?

Unlike other children who happen to live with their parents until they become of age, Garrett Myles Bridges was not lucky to enjoy this privilege. Instead, he passed on when he was barely 6 weeks. He passed on due to Sudden Infant Death syndrome. In fact, his mum found his lifeless body below the covers of his bed.

This prompted Cindy Bridges to contact Dr. S .N Kowitt, 471 S. FAIRFAX Ave., as well as the rescue squad that works at the Fire Department to come and resuscitate the baby but all those efforts bore no fruits.

To establish the cause of Garrett Myles Bridges death, it is important to note that an autopsy had to be conducted. Moreso, the aim was to determine if Garrett Myles Bridges died due to insufficient oxygen or not as his dead body found under the cover of his blankets.

It was then that they established that he passed on due to Sudden Infant death syndrome. He actually passed on 3rd August 1948 in Los Angeles, California. Unlike other health conditions, this one mainly affects infants and its cause still remains a mystery to many.

Garrett Myles Bridges siblings

Like we had mentioned above, Garrett Myles Bridges was not born alone. He had 3 other siblings. These include:

  • Beau Bridges: Born on 9th December 1941, Beau Bridges is a reputable American director and actor. Since he started his career, he has received a plethora of awards such as 2 Golden Globe Awards, 3 Emmy Awards, Grammy Award, 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards, and so forth. If all these awards are anything to go by, then it is true to say that he is an authority in the entertainment industry.
  • Jeff Bridges: Jeff is one year younger than Garrett Myles Bridges. However, he was not left behind as he followed his dad’s footsteps. Here, he opted to become an American actor. In fact, he has been acting for different American films for more than 7 decades. Thankfully, his performance in all those films have been splendid to say the least. Due to his versatility and incredible performances, he was able to receive an array of accolades. Some of these include 2 Golden Globe Awards, 1 Academy Award, among others. All these awards made him stamp his authority in the entertainment industry, just like his eldest brother.
  • Cindy Bridges: To start with, Cindy Bridges is the only sister Garrett Myles Bridges ever had. The rest of his siblings were brothers. Just like her brothers, she immersed herself in the entertainment industry by working as an actress in both television and film. Although very little is known about her, she has made numerous contributions towards making her family shine in the film industry. For instance, she takes credit for the production of films such as Meeting Daddy, which was produced in 2000.Other films that she was involved in their production process include The Loner (1965) and The Lloyd Bridges Show (1962).

How did Bridge family cope with the loss of Garrett Myles Bridges?

It is no secret that Garrett’s death was a big blow to Bridges family. However, since there was nothing much they could do, they had to carry on with their day-today life. Despite the loss of their son, Lloyd and Dorothy continued to offer their support to their children’s dreams of being superb actors.

Coupled with unending love, Lloyd and Dorothy Bridges were able to raise their kids well. In fact, the closeness of their family made them cope with the untimely death of Garrett Myles Bridges.


Even if Garrett Myles Bridges just lived for about 2 months, his legacy lives on within the Bridge’s family. From Beau Bridges to Cindy Bridges, all of them have been able to achieve different awards in their acting career. This legacy is a clear indication that we should cherish our loves ones as life is truly short. Although both Lloyd Bridges and Dorothy Bridges are no more, their children continue to inspire other people to pursue their dreams relentlessly. Despite losing their bother, they have been able to shine in the entertainment industry. Truly, their resilience and passion for their career is something to be emulated.