When it comes to finding reliable and convenient notary services, many people wonder if Walmart, the popular retail giant, offers such services. In this article, we will explore whether Walmart provides notary services and also provide some alternative options for obtaining notary services. So, let’s dive in and find out more!

Does Walmart Offer Notary Services?

Yes, Walmart offers notary services at select locations. However, it is important to note that not all Walmart stores provide this service. Additionally, there are alternative options available if you are unable to access Walmart’s notary services.

Does Walmart Offer Notary Services

Exploring Walmart’s Notary Services

What are Walmart’s Notary Services?

Walmart’s notary services involve having a certified notary public available at select stores to assist customers with the notarization of important documents. These documents may include contracts, affidavits, powers of attorney, and more. It is essential to have these documents notarized to ensure their legal validity.

How to Find a Walmart Store Offering Notary Services?

To find a Walmart store that offers notary services, you can visit the official Walmart website and use their store locator tool. Simply enter your location and filter the search results by selecting the “Notary Services” option. This will display a list of Walmart stores near you that provide notary services.

What Are the Requirements for Walmart’s Notary Services?

When visiting a Walmart store for notary services, there are certain requirements you should be prepared to meet. These requirements may vary slightly depending on the store and state laws, but generally, you will need to:

  1. Bring valid identification: You will be required to present a government-issued identification document, such as a driver’s license or passport.
  2. Provide the document to be notarized: Bring the document that needs notarization, ensuring it is filled out completely but not signed.
  3. Sign in the presence of the notary: You will need to sign the document in the presence of the notary public at the Walmart store.

It’s advisable to contact your local Walmart store or check their website for any specific requirements or additional information before visiting for notary services.

What Are the Costs Associated with Walmart’s Notary Services?

The cost of notary services at Walmart may vary depending on the location and the type of document being notarized. Generally, Walmart charges a nominal fee for each notarization. It is recommended to inquire about the exact fees at your local Walmart store or through their customer service channels for the most accurate information.


Alternative Options for Notary Services

While Walmart offers notary services, it may not be accessible or convenient for everyone. Here are a few alternative options to consider:

Local Banks and Credit Unions

Many local banks and credit unions provide notary services to their customers. If you have an account with a bank or credit union, it is worth checking if they offer notary services. These institutions often offer notary services free of charge or for a minimal fee.

UPS Stores

UPS Stores are known for their shipping and packaging services, but some locations also offer notary services. You can visit the UPS Store website and use their store locator tool to find a store near you that provides notary services.

Mobile Notary Services

Another convenient option is to hire a mobile notary service. Mobile notaries are professionals who travel to your location to provide notary services. They can meet you at your home, office, or any other agreed-upon location, saving you the time and effort of traveling. Search online directories or ask for recommendations to find reputable mobile notary services in your area.

Local Libraries and Courthouses

Some local libraries and courthouses have notary services available to the public. These services are often free or offered at a minimal cost. Check with your local library or courthouse to see if they provide notary services and inquire about any specific requirements or fees.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: Can I get a document notarized at any Walmart store?

A: No, not all Walmart stores offer notary services. It’s best to use Walmart’s store locator tool to find a store near you that provides notary services.

2: How long does it take to get a document notarized at Walmart?

A: The time it takes to get a document notarized at Walmart may vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the document and the availability of the notary. It is recommended to call ahead or make an appointment to ensure timely service.

3: Can I get important legal documents notarized at Walmart?

A: Yes, Walmart’s notary services cover various types of documents, including important legal documents like contracts, affidavits, and powers of attorney.

4: Are Walmart’s notary services available on weekends?

A: Walmart’s notary services availability may vary by location. It is advisable to contact your local Walmart store or check their website for their specific operating hours.

5: How much does it cost to get a document notarized at Walmart?

A: The cost of notary services at Walmart can vary, but generally, they charge a nominal fee per notarization. It’s recommended to inquire about the fees at your local Walmart store for accurate information.

6: Can I bring my own notary to Walmart?

A: Walmart’s policy may not allow external notaries to provide services within their stores. It’s advisable to rely on Walmart’s in-store notary services or explore alternative options.


In conclusion, Walmart does offer notary services at select locations, providing customers with a convenient option for document notarization. However, if accessing Walmart’s services is not feasible for you, there are alternative options available, such as local banks, UPS Stores, mobile notary services, and local libraries or courthouses. Consider your specific needs and location to choose the option that best suits you. Remember to check the requirements and fees associated with each option before proceeding.