We’ve all been there before. You’re out driving and suddenly, you hear that tell-tale sound. Your heart sinks as you realize that you’ve got a flat tire. Or maybe your “check engine” light comes on and won’t turn off no matter how many times you try.

Either way, you know you’re going to have to take a trip to the nearest auto parts store to get things fixed. But once you’re there, you realize that the price they’re charging for the part you need is significantly higher than what you were expecting to pay. So, does AutoZone price match? Let’s find out.

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Does AutoZone Price Match?

Yes, AutoZone does price match. However, five conditions must be met for them to do so.

Does AutoZone Price Match

First, you must have a competitor’s ad or written estimate that shows a lower price for the exact same item. The price match will only apply to the total price of the item; it does not apply to shipping costs.

Second, the competitor must be an authorized retailer of the item in question. AutoZone will not price match against auction sites like eBay or Craigslist.

Third, you must bring the ad or written estimate into the store with you when you make your purchase. The AutoZone associate will then verify the price and apply the discount.

Keep in mind that AutoZone does have the right to verify the competitor’s ad or written estimate before extending the price match. So if you’re not sure whether or not a particular store will be considered an authorized retailer, it’s always best to call ahead and check.

Fourth, the price match guarantee is only good for in-stock items. If the competitor is out of stock on the item you’re looking for, AutoZone will not match its price.

Finally, the price match guarantee does not apply to special orders, closeouts, clearance items, or rebates.

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Does AutoZone Price Match Online? 

Unfortunately, AutoZone does not price match online orders. This policy is likely in place because it’s difficult to verify the competitor’s pricing and stock status when you’re ordering online.

Online retailers like amazon.com often have different prices for the same item depending on which seller you’re buying from. And since AutoZone can’t verify the stock status of a competitor’s online store, they likely won’t price match against an online order.

Does AutoZone Price Match eBay?

No, AutoZone does not price match against eBay. As we mentioned before, AutoZone will only price match against authorized retailers of the item in question. And since eBay is an auction site, it does not meet this criterion.

Does AutoZone Price Match Walmart?

Yes, AutoZone does price match against Walmart. Walmart is a large, national retailer that sells a wide variety of items, including auto parts and accessories. As long as you have a competitor’s ad or written estimate that shows a lower price for the identical item, AutoZone will match the price.

Keep in mind that the price match guarantee only applies to physical stores, not Walmart.com. So if you’re looking to price match an online order, you’ll need to find a competitor that sells the same item on their website.

Does AutoZone Price Match RockAuto?

Because RockAuto is an online retailer, AutoZone does not price match against it. As we mentioned before, AutoZone’s policy is to only price match against authorized retailers of the item in question. And since RockAuto is an online store, it does not meet this criterion.

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Now that you know all about AutoZone’s price matching policy, you can be sure you’re getting the best deal on all your automotive needs. So next time you’re in need of a new battery or set of tires, head to your nearest AutoZone and take advantage of their competitive prices.