If you’re a caffeine aficionado, chances are, you’ve got a Starbucks gift card or two tucked away somewhere. And why wouldn’t you? Starbucks gift cards are a great way to enjoy your favorite cup of java without burning a hole in your pocket. But, can you buy a Starbucks gift card with a gift card? Stick around as we delve into this intriguing inquiry.

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Can you buy a Starbucks gift card with a gift card?

No, you cannot buy a Starbucks gift card with another Starbucks gift card. Starbucks’ Gift Card Terms and Conditions prohibit this type of transaction to prevent misuse.

Can you buy a Starbucks gift card with a gift card

Why Starbucks Does Not Allow This Transaction

Starbucks has this policy in place to ensure their gift cards are being used appropriately and to prevent any potential misuse. Their primary aim is to encourage customers to enjoy the Starbucks experience directly.

Understanding Starbucks’ Gift Card Policies

Now that we know that buying a Starbucks gift card with another isn’t possible, let’s get to grips with their gift card policies. Understanding these rules can help you maximize the benefits of your Starbucks gift card.

1. Gift Card Expiration and Fees

One of the best things about Starbucks gift cards is that they never expire! There are no fees associated with keeping your balance, either. Whether you’re saving it for a rainy day or just forgot about it, your Starbucks gift card is always good to go.

2. Lost or Stolen Cards

Lost your Starbucks gift card? Don’t sweat it. Starbucks can issue a replacement card provided you have the original receipt as proof of purchase.

3. No Cash Redemptions

Except where required by law, Starbucks gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash. So, don’t expect to cash in your gift card for a quick buck.

Making the Most of Your Starbucks Gift Card

So, you can’t buy a Starbucks gift card with a gift card. What else can you do with it? Quite a lot, actually. Let’s explore some clever ways to put your Starbucks gift card to good use.

1. Using the Card Internationally

Did you know that you can use your US Starbucks card in various countries across the world? Yep, Starbucks cards are accepted in many countries including Canada, UK, Ireland, Mexico, and Australia.

2. Registering Your Gift Card for Rewards

If you’re a frequent Starbucks patron, registering your gift card for the Starbucks Rewards Program is a no-brainer. Every purchase earns you points (stars) that you can redeem for free drinks, food items, and more.

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Alternative Ways to Purchase a Starbucks Gift Card

So, you can’t purchase a Starbucks gift card with another gift card. But don’t be disheartened, there are plenty of other ways to purchase one.

1. Online

You can easily purchase a Starbucks gift card online through the official Starbucks website or from various online retailers like Amazon.

2. In-Store

Head to any Starbucks store and you can buy a gift card right at the counter. It’s as easy as pie!

FAQs about Starbucks Gift Cards

To clear up any remaining doubts, let’s tackle some common questions about Starbucks gift cards:

Can I buy a Starbucks gift card with a gift card from another store?

Unfortunately, no. Starbucks only accepts cash, debit, or credit cards for the purchase of their gift cards.

Can I transfer the balance from one Starbucks gift card to another?

Yes! You can consolidate your Starbucks gift cards into one by transferring the balance. This can be done through the Starbucks app or website.

Can I use a Starbucks gift card to buy merchandise or food items?

Absolutely! Starbucks gift cards can be used to purchase any item in a Starbucks store, not just beverages.

What if I don’t have the receipt for my lost Starbucks gift card?

Without a receipt, it may be difficult to replace your card. Always try to keep the receipt until you’ve spent the balance.

Can Starbucks gift cards be used on the mobile app?

Yes, you can load your gift card onto the Starbucks app and use it to pay for purchases.

Can Starbucks gift cards be reloaded?

Yes, you can reload your Starbucks gift card at any store, online, or through the app.


While you can’t buy a Starbucks gift card with a gift card, you can still enjoy a world of benefits with your card. Use it for purchases worldwide, register for rewards, and reload it at your convenience. Don’t let the limitations overshadow the perks of your Starbucks gift card!